Netflix provides medical and dental plans through OMINT (Plan C21) to all employees and dependents. Healthcare coverage includes outpatient and hospitalization care, prescriptions, diagnostic/lab work, and additional services. Our dental plan (Plan D20) covers preventive and diagnostic care, basic and restorative care and orthodontics. Medical and dental coverage begin on your hire date provided enrollment documents are complete within 30 days of hire.

Sick Leave and Disability
We realize folks get sick from time to time. In case of a short-term illness or injury, you can use your unlimited time off to rest and get well. If you can’t work for an extended amount of time because of a disabling illness or injury, Netflix will continue to pay you 100% of your salary for up to 3 months. You may also be eligible for state Social Security benefits (INSS). Your Netflix sick leave payment will be integrated with INSS benefit payments.

If a disabling illness or injury extends beyond 3 months, Netflix will supplement INSS pay up to 70% of salary for up to 11 months. The maximum monthly payment is R$35,000 (assuming you are not certified as Totally and Permanently Disabled).

Additionally, Netflix provides employees with company-paid Total & Permanent Disability coverage through Icatu. This benefit pays two times your annual salary up to R$240,000 in the occurrence of INSS-certified disability. Your benefit will increase to two times your annual salary up to R$1,200,000 upon carrier approval.

Retirement Pension
Netflix provides you the opportunity to participate in a retirement pension plan through Icatu following 30 days of employment. Each time you make a contribution to your retirement pension plan, Netflix will match that contribution on an equal basis up to 5% of monthly salary. The maximum monthly Netflix contribution is R$2,500. Your contributions may be made in 1% salary increments. You can choose from a range of funds in which to invest your pension contribution.

Life Coverage
We care about the well-being of our Netflix team and their loved ones. We are committed to providing a USD equivalent pre-tax $1.5 million benefit to ensure our full-time employees’ beneficiaries are supported financially in the event of loss of life. Upon confirmed payment of insurance benefit by Icatu, Netflix will supplement the insurance payment (two times annual salary up to R$240,000, or up to R$1,200,000 if approved by the carrier) up to a combined total of USD equivalent $1.5 million.

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Important note on the definition of salary: Where salary is mentioned, calculations are based off of adjusted salary if you are allocating a supplemental amount to the Netflix, Inc. Stock Option Program.