Every person living in the Netherlands has the freedom to choose the plan that most aligns with their needs and premiums are paid for independently. We provide a health benefit allowance of €250 per month (€3,000 annually) to help cover the elections that align with your needs. This amount is not considered taxable income, and you’ll see it as a separate line-item on your paycheck. 

Here’s some helpful information on how healthcare works in the Netherlands if needed. It is a requirement to be covered under basic healthcare insurance per the ZVW. The insurance provides standard coverage including, for example, the cost of consulting a general practitioner, undergoing a test in a hospital or buying medication at a pharmacy. Supplemental coverage is also available, but not required. Supplemental plans can cover additional services such as enhanced physiotherapy, mental health, comprehensive dental care, and contraceptive drugs. 

Here is a useful link describing the different insurers in the Dutch healthcare market. We also currently have a collective discount in place with ONVZ

Sick Leave
We realize folks get sick from time to time. In case of a short-term illness or injury, you can use your unlimited time off to rest and get well. If you can’t work for an extended amount of time because of a disabling illness or injury, Netflix will continue to pay you 100% of your salary for 1 year. After 1 year, Netflix would then pay you 70% of your salary, for up to 2 years. 

Long-Term Disability
If a disabling illness or injury extends beyond 2 years, Netflix provides employees with company-paid Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance coverage through Swiss Life. LTD picks up when your sick leave ends (after 2 years) and pays up to 70% of your salary up to €14,583 per month (if you are disabled greater than 80%). If you are disabled at less than 80%, a pro-rated benefit is provided. Long-Term disability continues for as long as you remain disabled. You may also be eligible for WIA benefits (WGA or IVA) through Social Security following 2 years. Your LTD payment will be integrated with your WIA benefit payments. 

Retirement Pension

Netflix contributes 6% of your annual salary (up to a monthly maximum salary of €8,756.25, minus the monthly franchise amount, currently €1,111.95) to your retirement pension plan through Swiss Life. On top of the Netflix contribution, you have a choice to save additionally through a monthly voluntary contribution. Both of these contributions supplement each other up to the taxable limit of €105,075 set by the government.

Survivors Pension and Life Coverage
We care about the well-being of our Netflix team and their loved ones. We are committed to providing a USD equivalent pre-tax $1.5 million benefit to ensure our full-time employees’ beneficiaries are supported financially in the event of loss of life. Upon confirmed payment of insurance benefit by Swiss Life, Netflix will supplement the Swiss Life survivors benefit payment (see below) in the year of the employee’s death up to a combined total of USD equivalent $1.5 million. 

Netflix provides a company-paid survivors pension through Swiss Life which accrues an annual benefit based on your age (this includes a partner and orphan’s pension). This benefit is paid to your beneficiary in the event of your death. The maximum monthly salary that will be taken into account for the survivors pension benefit accrual is €8,756.25 (minus the franchise amount, currently €1,111.95 per month).

Home & Family Care Resources
Life is busy, and sometimes we could use extra help. To lighten your load, Netflix pays for membership fees for your access to, helping you find providers for child care, home care (housekeeping, errands, odd jobs, etc.), senior adult care, pet care and tutoring. You can search or post jobs on, detailing your needs. 

To sign up for the benefit, please visit their website and click on the Netherlands flag at the bottom of the page. Then go to "Register now online" and sign up with your Netflix email address. Here are additional FAQs

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Important note on the definition of salary: Where salary is mentioned, calculations are based off of adjusted salary if you are allocating a supplemental amount to the Netflix, Inc. Stock Option Program.