United Kingdom

Netflix provides a supplemental insurance plan through Aviva to employees in the UK to compliment medical, dental, and vision care provided through the government. We provide a health benefit allowance up to £6,000 per plan year and you also have the option of enrolling your dependents and covering half of the additional cost through payroll deduction. Coverage in the Aviva plan includes inpatient and outpatient treatment of acute conditions, specialist fees, diagnostic tests, hospital charges for key hospitals (private and NHS hospitals most frequently used) and extended network of hospitals (predominantly in the greater London area), as well as dental and optical coverage. Additional details can be found in the Aviva plan booklet. The policy number is 52243J under the name Netflix Services UK Limited or Netflix Studios Limited. 

Sick Leave
We realize that folks get sick from time to time. In case of a short-term illness or injury, you can use your unlimited time off to rest and get well. If you can’t work for an extended amount of time because of a disabling illness or injury, Netflix will continue to pay you 100% of your salary for up to 13 weeks. You may also be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) or Employee and Support Allowance (ESA) benefits through Social Security. Your Netflix sick leave payment will be integrated with your SSP or ESA benefit payments.

Long-Term Disability
If a disabling illness or injury extends beyond 13 weeks, Netflix provides you with company-paid Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance coverage through Unum. LTD picks up when your sick leave ends and pays you 70% of your salary up to £5,833 per month. Your LTD benefit will increase to 70% of your salary up to £11,666 per month upon carrier approval. LTD benefits continue for as long as you remain disabled, or through your State Pension Age. You may also be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) or Employee and Support Allowance (ESA) benefits through Social Security. Your LTD payment will be integrated with your SSP or ESA benefit payments.

Retirement Pension
Netflix provides you the opportunity to participate in a retirement pension plan through Scottish Widows. Each time you make a contribution to your retirement pension plan, Netflix will match that contribution up to 5% of monthly salary. The maximum monthly Netflix contribution is £833. You can also contribute above 5% of your salary, up to a combined employee and Netflix contribution of £40,000 annually (based on a certain income threshold per recent tax legislation). You can choose from a range of funds in which to invest your pension contribution. Employee contributions and Netflix match are immediately 100% vested.

Life Coverage
We care about the well-being of our Netflix team and their loved ones. We are committed to providing a USD equivalent pre-tax $1.5 million benefit to ensure our full-time employees’ beneficiaries are supported financially in the event of loss of life. 

Home & Family Care Resources
Life is busy, and sometimes we could use extra help. To lighten your load, beginning January 1, Netflix pays for membership fees for your access to Care.com, helping you find providers for child care, home care (housekeeping, errands, odd jobs, etc.), senior adult care, pet care and tutoring. You can search or post jobs on Care.com, detailing your needs. 

To sign up for the Care.com benefit, please visit their website and click on the UK flag at the bottom of the page. Then go to "Register now online" and sign up with your Netflix email address. Here are additional FAQs

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Important note on the definition of salary: Where salary is mentioned, calculations are based off of adjusted salary if you are allocating a supplemental amount to the Netflix, Inc. Stock Option Program.